25 Randomised Controlled Trials Between Low Carb & Low Fat

Sam Feltham compiled a summary as an excel file listing 25 RCTs about low carb diet VS low fat diet.

Check it here: http://smashthefat.com/science/

The 5 Main Points Of The 25 RCT’s Over The Past 15 Years Are…

  1. Low carb dieters lose 65% more weight but eat 45 calories more on average. Although low carb dieters eat more protein, low fat dieters eat more fibre levelling the amount of calories eaten by both groups.
  2. 17 of the 25 trials show statistical significance in weight loss for low carb dieters, and even in the 8 trials that don’t show statistical significance low carb dieters still lose more weight.
  3. Overall low carb dieters have 3.5 times better health outcomes than low fat dieters with more improved cholesterol profiles, better blood sugar control and lower blood pressure.
  4. Adherence levels are similar at 77.5% for low fat dieters and 80.7% for low carb dieters. The trials that measure hunger though show statistically significant lower hunger scores in low carb dieters.
  5. Low carb diet advised averages; 8% CHO, 64% Fat, 28% PRN.
    Low fat diet advised averages; 54% CHO, 29% Fat, 17% PRN.
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