The best and worst forms of Magnesium supplements

Quick tips about forms of Magnesium supplements.

  1. Best forms (high absorption and high bio-availability):
    • Magnesium Glycinate (highly absorbable, this is recommended for anyone with a known magnesium deficiency and less likely to cause laxative effects than some other magnesium supplements)
    • Magnesium L-Threonate (the newest form of Magnesium supplements)
    • Magnesium Bisglycinate/Chelate
  2. Good forms:
    • Magnesium Citrate 
  3. Worst forms (avoid):
    • Magnesium Oxide
    • Magnesium Sulfate
    • Magnesium Aspartate
    • Magnesium Glutamate
    • Magnesium Gluconate
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