Many people consider low carb/Ketogenic diet as so restrictive and limited.
They think it should be boring because they only see single ingredients (chicken, salads, eggs, no dessert ect…), no bread, no rice…
They believe that they can’t go on without bread, rice, sweets and so on.
Explore the below links and see how creative cooking can be when following a low crab diet.
You might be surprised that you can make the alternative of almost every carb rich recipe using low carb items/ingredients.
You can make low carb flourless bread, buns, tortillas, pizza, pretzels, cakes, lasagna and even a delicious rice substitute made from cauliflower, the sky is the limit.
Here is a link of the best and selected recipes published on this blog:
The below recommendations are only few of what is available online, explore and enjoy.

  1. MNDRZ (Youtube channel)
  2. KetoDiet Video Channel (Youtube channel)
  5. The Keto King (Youtube channel)
  6. Caveman Keto (Youtube channel)
  7. Linda’s Low Carb Menu